The Charmed Life in Baltimore

The inspiring history and bountiful culture offered by Baltimore made a long weekend getaway seem more like a rejuvenating spa session than a winter visit to a major American city. Over two and a half days in January 2018, a friend and I "saw the sights" and dived into its diverse neighborhoods, coming away not... Continue Reading →

The Lisbon of Ricardo Reis

The pleasures of reading a book that's set in the place you happen to be are both obvious and subtle. On the one hand, you easily identify landscapes and landmarks mentioned in the text and see how they match the author's descriptions, even if the book's time period resides in the distant past. But there... Continue Reading →

Lisbon’s Monastery of São Vicente

It's funny how one can live in a city for an extended period of time and not visit some of its most iconic sights. In June 2020, while in Lisbon for the summer, I finally toured the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora on the fervent recommendation of a friend. And I'm glad I did... Continue Reading →

Icons Give Thanks

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