Hadrian’s Way

Combining several passions of mine, including ancient Roman history, British culture, and long treks, the Hadrian's Wall Path runs 84 miles across northern England. Begun during the reign of emperor Hadrian (117-138), the wall and its many turrets and forts were constructed to intimidate native British tribes who resisted the "civilizing" force of the Roman empire.... Continue Reading →

Tuscan Cheese Farm

While driving around Tuscany a friend and I visited Podere Le Fornaci, an out-of-the-way dairy farm in Greve in Chianti where we enjoyed an exclusive tour and lunchtime tasting of organic cheeses made from goat's milk. Situated on 74 acres of gorgeous Tuscan scenery, the farm is home to around 100 Swiss goats who pasture... Continue Reading →

Camino de Santiago

In 2018 I trekked 500 miles--from south western France to Santiago de Compostela in north western Spain--in memory of my grandmother Aída Trindade.  I have far too many photos to share but here are a few. Fellow "pilgrims"; a French-Swiss-German-Polish-Portuguese/American alliance. The cloister of Iglesia de San Pedro de la Rúa in the town of Estella.... Continue Reading →

Merida/Yucatán Peninsula

With the charming city of Merida as my home base, I explored every end of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula a few years ago. For over a week I roamed from coastal Mayan sites to lesser known interior sites, from its gleaming beaches to its eye-opening museums. Ornate and yet unassuming entrance to a small church in... Continue Reading →

Cinque Terre

Hiking the trails that connect the five cliffside towns of Cinque Terre was strenuous but worthwhile for many reasons, not least of which were the views and invigorating sea air.  A further highlight was the secret Guvano beach, reached via a train air tunnel beneath a rocky ridge.  Although a bit scary to walk through,... Continue Reading →

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