David Lynch, Walk With Me

The opportunity to see a movie as tactilely atmospheric as “Mulholland Drive” on a big screen — and in 35 millimeter, no less — can only compare to one’s own dreams in terms of sensory bewilderment.

Of God, Man, and Iceland

Through outstanding photography, the director of ‘Godland,’ Hlynur Pálmason, and his cinematographer envelop the viewer in a world of treeless plains, boggy riverine shores, forbidding cliffs, and lonely waterfalls.

House-Museum of Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves

House-museums are some of my favorite types of museums because they reveal the distinctive taste of a historic figure or collector couple. From furniture to tableware, paintings to wall color, these unique museums envelop the visitor in a single, smallish building (although not always). The intimate setting personalizes the experience for a visitor beyond the... Continue Reading →

Genius Home

Client: The Home Depot | Platforms: DigitalTrends.com, Social Media

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