The Charmed Life in Baltimore

The inspiring history and bountiful culture offered by Baltimore made a long weekend getaway seem more like a rejuvenating spa session than a winter visit to a major American city. Over two and a half days in January 2018, a friend and I “saw the sights” and dived into its diverse neighborhoods, coming away not only with a wish to return, but to live in the city one day.


The celestial, coffered dome of the Baltimore Basilica, the first Catholic cathedral built in the U.S. The city itself was named after Cecil Calvert, the second Baron Baltimore of England, who established a colony in the Chesapeake area as a refuge for English Roman Catholics.

Edgar Allan Poe House

A visit to the Edgar Allan Poe House, in which the great American writer lived for about two years. While inside, I didn’t hear anything untoward under the floorboards except for the occasional creak.

Baltimore Inner Harbor

The lovely waterfront of Inner Harbor, one of the many waterways of Chesapeake Bay.

Baltimore's National Can Company

The stately art deco building of the National Can Company (now apartments) and a gorgeous bus stop.

Sausages at Snake Hill

Although we had delicious crab cakes several times during our trip, these craft sausage sandwiches at Snake Hill tavern were our favorite meal. Highly recommended.

BMA Paintings

Gauguin and van Gogh masterpieces on view at the sensational Baltimore Museum of Art.

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