Camino de Santiago

In 2018 I trekked 500 miles–from south western France to Santiago de Compostela in north western Spain–in memory of my grandmother Aída Trindade. I have far too many photos to share but here are a few.IMG_1399

IMG_1843Fellow “pilgrims”; a French-Swiss-German-Polish-Portuguese/American alliance.

IMG_1476The cloister of Iglesia de San Pedro de la Rúa in the town of Estella.

IMG_1809.jpgA cold and rainy day of walking.

IMG_1269A sculpture of the mighty Hemingway in Pamplona.

IMG_1874.jpegA medieval mural in the Burgos Cathedral retains its pink-coral color.

IMG_2451Exhausted but smiling in front of a statue symbolizing the Santiago pilgrim in Pedrafita do Cebreiro.

cropped-img_1339-2.jpegAt another monument to the pilgrim at the top of a ridge in Cizur.

IMG_2132.jpegThe city of León within sight as I hike down a hill.

IMG_2439.jpegFriends met along the way.

IMG_2109.jpegA field dotted with red poppies.

IMG_2595.jpegAt the end of my journey.

IMG_2601.jpegMy two pilgrim’s passports with stamps of the churches, cathedrals, museums, restaurants, and hostels I visited.

IMG_2607.jpegCertificate of Completion

IMG_2438.jpegOh to be on the road again…

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