A short trek from Paris, the palace of Versailles and Marie Antoinette’s château reflected the egocentric yet entrancing extravagance of the French monarchy before the revolution.  Mercifully, Versailles’ vast gardens and patterned grounds offered many opportunities to rest my weary, walking bones. (September 2017)IMG_4926.jpeg

IMG_4952.jpegNeptune holding court besides a reflecting pool

IMG_5032.jpegHigh hedgerows and the flora fountain in late afternoon sun

IMG_4967.jpegI couldn’t resist the one-point perspective of this allée to take a selfie

IMG_4970.jpegWalking towards Marie-Antoinette’s Petit Trianon chateau

IMG_4978.jpegMarie-Antoinette’s monogram (M combined with A) within her residence

IMG_5013.jpegGorgeous pink and grey marble with white circular inlays

IMG_4930.jpegStatue of Louis XIV (the “Sun King”) dressed as a Roman emperor

IMG_4935.jpegThe famous Hall of Mirrors

IMG_4966.jpegThe Fountain of Apollo with ominous rain clouds overhead (it rained on and off all day)

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